For the past couple of years, I’ve called Oklahoma home. The sunsets here are amazing. The people even more so. You won’t find a warmer welcome anywhere. 

It is my goal that the stories I pen go far beyond writing words on paper. I want each word to encourage, to impact lives for Christ and to make a visible difference in the lives we lead. In short, if Christ is not glorified in my writing, then I am not accomplishing my goal.
Hopefully you signed up for the free novella that I’ve written just for you. I am thankful for you and wanted you to have something special. I think it’s important that we have a way to contact each other about the important things that are happening. If you have a special prayer request please send me a message through my “contact me” page. I read each email and respond to each reader. I am very grateful for our friendship.

There is a lot here to explore. Need encouragement? Take a peek at my blog. Need a great book to read? Check out my books. Need a speaker for your next event? Contact me and we’ll work out the details. Have fun and be encouraged as you travel from page to page.

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I pray God’s blessing for your life, 
In Christ’s love,