Sitting on a Story?

Have you overcome unlikely obstacles to get where you are today? Have you succeeded in life despite the cards being stacked against you? Did it feel at times that you were the only one who believed in your dream? Then you have an incredible story to tell.

Do your friends and family encourage you to sit down and write your family history? Do you see a generation who could learn from the trials and struggles you rose above? Do you want to preserve your journey for future generations and leave a message of hope to those who come after you?  Then you have words of wisdom to share.

If you connected with the words above, you are not alone. It is said that 80% of all people say they have a book in them. Yet, a fraction of those people ever realize their dream and transfer their thoughts to the written page. Why?

I can attest to the fact writing a book isn’t as easy as some think. It’s hard work. It would seem each finger has a little brain in it…working like mad to write just the right words…at exactly the right place so the heart of the matter is conveyed, and lives are touched.

If the thought of training each of those fingers—writing the right words—and expressing the innermost hidden places of the heart seems an insurmountable task, then you may need help.

Not all of us are writers. Some are painters. Some musicians. Some drive semi-trucks. Some create phenomenal dishes for patrons to relish. It just so happens, I am a writer. It is what I do. It is the gift I’ve been given. And just maybe, I can help you tell your story. Why? Because someone out there needs to read it!

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