I remember when my children were little and the frustration of potty training. Our daughter was easy. She decided she didn’t want to wear diapers anymore and she was trained at just over a year old. Our son was a little more difficult. He was two and I resorted to bribing him.

I bought some lovely little matchbox cars, put them in baggies, and pinned them to the bathroom wall. That’s all it took. In one day that child was trained.

Now, let’s move forward to today. As a Nana I have a lot more freedom in how I do things. Yes, I have to occasionally get the wooden spoon out. But, most of the time, I get to spoil the cutest little girl in the entire world. Yes, you heard that right. The cutest.

The problem is, she does not want to go in the potty. She tells us, “No thank you. I’ll go in my diaper.” We can put her on the potty. Put her in underwear. Nothing helps. You cannot imagine the prizes I’ve had hanging on my bathroom wall. Didn’t matter. The child is stubborn.

Well…today I had a bright idea. I’m not sure it was actually an idea since it came out of my mouth without any thought whatsoever.

I said, “Hera, how would you like to go to Disney to see Mickey Mouse? And Minnie Mouse? And Elsa? And Anna? And Olaf? And Moana?”

Her eyes lit up. “Nana. I want to go.”

“Okay, well, you can’t go peepee and poopoo in your diaper any more. Only big girls can go to Disney.”

Her face fell. Her eyes turned down. She thought about it for a while and decided…she wants to be a big girl! Yay! This just might work!  

Um…did I just promise my granddaughter a trip to Disney? Go Fund Me anyone? LOL…okay, not really. But, Nana and Papa have to start saving their pennies! (and nickels, dimes, quarters, dollars etc.)

I wonder what Papa is going to say when he reads this. 😉

What’s the craziest thing you’ve said or done with your children or grandchildren?