You're a Boy, Not a Bull
By Darlene Shortridge
You're a Boy, Not a Bull Coloring Book
By Darlene Shortridge

You're a Boy, Not a Bull!

Here it is—the highly anticipated reveal of Darlene’s first children’s book, You’re a Boy, Not a Bull! 

The story line follows a boy who turns into a mean, angry bull when his temper gets the best of him. When he chooses to do the right thing, and not act out in anger, he turns back into a boy. Darlene Shortridge drew inspiration from her son, Jeremiah, who had quite the temper growing up. His little fists would ball up at his sides and his nose would breathe in and out in exaggerated form as Darlene would say, Jeremiah, you’re a boy, not a bull! #leavebullyingtobulls

This book is a welcome addition to any child’s library and addresses bullying at home, in the neighborhood, and at school. 

Jason Webb’s introductory illustrations showcase his talent. He truly brought Darlene’s vision for her characters to life. The artwork is colorful, full of action, and attractive to children ages 4-8. Each two page spread featuring the bull acting out resolves as you turn the page and see the boy acting as a boy should.